What horse racing markets can I bet on?

Here at PokerStars Sports, we offer lots of ways to bet on horse racing:

  • Win-only
  • Each-way
  • Place betting
  • Match bet
  • Ante-post
  • Betting without

Betting win-only is going for the maximum win. You have a bet 'on the nose' and risk your stake on your horse winning.

Betting each-way means you split your stake in two and place two bets. One bet is for your horse to win and one is for it to place.

To place generally means to come first, second or third. The number of places we pay depends on how many runners participate in the race. Only the first two places pay out in a smaller race, while in the biggest and most famous races, we sometimes pay up to six places! Because you have a higher chance of a return, the odds are reduced when you bet each-way or just on the horse to place.

For an in-depth explanation of each way betting and place terms, check this Help Center article.

The difference between a ‘Win Only’ market and the ‘Win/Each Way’ market is that there's no option to bet each-way on a ‘Win Only’ race. As an each-way bet is not possible, the odds of a runner could be higher than the odds for the same selection in a ‘Win/Each Way’ market.

What is a match bet?

A match bet is when you bet on one of two runners to beat the other. It’s a two-horse race for the purposes of your bet, and your wager ignores all the other horses in the race.

The following rules apply to horse racing match bets:

  • One of the two selections must complete the race for the bet to stand.
  • If neither selection completes the course, we'll then void all bets. This happens regardless of when they exited the race.
  • Both selections must be official runners in the race.
  • Double Result does not apply. The winner will be the winner after weigh-in.
  • Dead Heat rules apply.

What are ante-post or future bets?

Ante-post bets are when you bet in the weeks and months leading up to a big event. Because these bets are struck before we know which horses will run in the race, they stand regardless of whether your selection takes part or not.

On the other hand, we don't make Rule 4 deductions if a horse pulls out or refuses to race.

Also, we don't change the each-way terms if one or more runners fail to take part. The place terms you agree to when you place the wager apply no matter what happens.

Finally, if a horse was declared to run but isn't allowed because the maximum number of runners has been exceeded, we void any bets placed on it and return your stake.

What is betting without?

Sometimes a race has a short-priced favorite, as everyone expects one horse to win. In this case, we might offer a shorter field than usual in a ‘Betting Without’ market, with one selection removed from the betting options. You can remove the chances of this horse winning and 'bet without' it.

The advantage is that you can still win if your horse comes 2nd to the short-odds favorite. The odds may be less, though, as you have an increased chance of winning your bet.

An example of the difference between this market and a standard win market is:

Example 1. Win market

  • You place a £5 bet on Horse A to win the 15:30 at Newmarket.
  • Horse B wins the race, and Horse A comes second.
  • Your bet is a losing bet.

Example 2. Betting Without market

  • You place a £5 bet on Horse A to win the race in a 'Betting Without Horse B' market.
  • Horse B wins the race, and Horse A comes second.
  • Your bet is a winning bet because you are betting without Horse B, so we exclude Horse B while settling your bet.

Dead Heat rules apply to these bets. Each-way terms are based on the number of runners starting the race but excluding the named selection. In the event of non-runners, Rule 4 will apply based on the price in the ‘Betting Without’ market.

To read our horse racing rules in full, check this page.


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